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Introduction to Sage 500 Hosting by Wincloud

Sage 500 is an online system that provides scalable solutions during run-time deployment. It is developed for big organizations that primarily work on distribution and manufacture but work best for medium and small enterprises too. Some of itextended features are improved automation, integration customization, scalability and updated reporting tools make it perfect for widespread big businesses. With per-user-per month price, it also acts as a cost-effective solution for the companies.

WinsCloud cloud hosted for Sage 500 adds more features to it. With 99.99% uptime of servers, we ensure uninterrupted data transmission. We understand the value of your confidential data thus keep our servers protected with the latest firewall, 256-but encryption, end-to-end encryption,and SSL. Besides this our data warehouses are monitored by constant video surveillance and assured security even during a natural disaster.


As the system is designed to cater to big enterprises it comes with advanced reporting and analytics. With extensive data, you can publish the reports on the cloud and monitor the KPI. Some of its remarkable features include real-time insights and drill down operation
Scalability To cope with your changing business needs, the software is responsive to various screen sizes and forms without changing the backend code. This feature makes it easier to for a diverse range of users to access the application. Besides this the Visual Studio.Net business application develop empowers you with sophisticated customization tools
General Accounting Sage 500 allow you to use the most sophisticated accounting tools.
Inventory & Services The system lets youautomate the warehouse and supply chain process. It empowers you with the efficient management of your distribution cycle which beginswith purchase and end with sales. Such enhanced features provide you with the in-depth data to forecast and maximize the benefits
Employees & Payroll The platform allows you to automate the HR activities. You can easily track the attendance and calculate the payroll.
Productivity Being highly scalable, Sage 500 can meet the industry-specific requirements of your organization. Moreover, you can find out those areas where you can save your time and investment to improve productivity.

Benefits of WinsCloud Sage 500 hosting

Sage hosting: Simplify finances, access anywhere, anytime, for peace of mind

Guaranteed 99.99 % uptime

We distributed our data in 3 centers to ensure the availability of information even in the most crucial situation of natural disasters.

Coordinated Applications

Manage your resources as per your convince and synchronize with your accounts.

365 Day support

Our Technical experts are always there for you to help via email or phone. We also have live chat even on holidays.

Centralization of Workplace

With our cross-platform systems, your employees can access the data from any device through the internet.

Remote Access

With Sage 500 hosting, you can access your Sage 500 software and data from anywhere with an internet connection. This is especially valuable for businesses with remote or distributed teams.

Data Security

Hosting providers typically offer robust security measures, including data encryption, firewalls, and regular backups, to ensure the safety and integrity of your Sage 500 data.

Our trusted partner

More than just a provider, they are our trusted partner in achieving our goals and surpassing our expectations.

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