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Deep Dive in You Inventory with Winscloud Fishbowl Hosting Services

Fishbowl Hosted Services

If you are a vast manufacturing unit or a warehouse admin then you must use the Fishbowl inventory management platform. The software contains the best tools and features to automate the entire manufacturing process and make it more efficient and effective by reducing those old-school address and inventory related issues.Fishbowl empowers your team with many robust features such as material billing, orders of work, etc. It also allows you to keep check of multiple components in one go. Warehouse operations such as packing, picking, and shipping of products are upgraded. This platform offers you with oodles of tools to monitor your KPIs and thus manage resources. It can be united with the QuickBooks for a seamless inventory management.

Out Of The Box Technology

With Winscloud you can combine your Fishbowl system with our cloud computing technology. With online hosting, the system gets capable of doing limitless functionalities from any corner of the world at any instant of time. Our competitive prices will your supply chain cost and automate your inventory and warehousing management in the most efficient and effective manner.

Key features of Winscloud Fishbowl hosting

  • Wholesale and Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Asset Tracking
  • Service Management
  • Point of Sale
  • Bar Coding
  • QuickBooks Inventory
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Control

Why Winscloud For Fishbowl Hosting?

Stay Secured

Our servers are secured by 256-bit encryption and the data warehouses are always monitored through video surveillance to ensure complete security of your valuable data.

Keep Yourself Connected

With our cloud hosting services, you don’t need to rush here and there as you can access the server from anywhere at any time.

Update Systems

We provide you with the latest features of Fishbowl systems which is installed on our server to make your QuickBooks integration seamless.

Connect with Us

Our team of technical experts is 24x7 ready to help in case of an issue. You can contact us via mail, call or live chat.